Terrific Trio – Olive cut, Tear Drop & Mini Sponge


Get Sponge case free with this bundle

Terrific Trio- Buy all 3 shapes of our Amazing Microfiber Sponge and look no further. This is all you need.

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Get the complete complexion toolkit with the Terrific Trio set from Rufa Beauty. This set includes the Olive Cut Microfiber Sponge for precise application and sculpting, the Tear Drop Microfiber Sponge for blending and building coverage, and a Mini Microfiber Sponge for touch-ups on the go. Made with high-quality, ultra-soft microfiber material, these sponges won’t absorb excess product, ensuring you achieve a smooth, streak-free finish every time. Perfect for all skin types, the Terrific Trio is the ultimate tool kit for achieving a flawless complexion.


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