Introducing Rufa Beauty, a premium beauty brand designed for the contemporary Indian woman who values quality over quantity.

At Rufa Beauty, We delve deeply into understanding the distinct requirements of Indian women in the realm of beauty, ensuring that each product is vegan, cruelty-free, and tailored for the Indian lifestyle and climate.

All our products are crafted with an obsessive attention to detail. We conduct tests and trials for months before introducing the products in the market. Our formulations celebrate the rich diversity of skin tones found across our beautiful country.


Anisha Saif, a pro makeup artist with a history of a thriving corporate career in Financial Reporting, left her job to at its peak to explore the world of beauty that she was fascinated with since childhood.

With Rufa Beauty, she has created a brand that is designed to celebrate the beauty of the modern Indian woman with all its glory and flaws.

“Everyone of us has got a face that’s unique to each one of us and that’s so special, we believe in enhancing this natural beauty when one feels the need to. Our aim is to make this process easy and quick with our products that are easy to use and beginner friendly”

Anisha Saif