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RB14 Flat Concealer Brush

RB14 Flat Concealer Brush

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RB14 is a flat synthetic multipurpose brush that is used to apply foundation, concealer, contour etc. The tightly knitted synthetic fibers gives a full coverage with great ease. It easily reaches all corners of the face and blends the foundation/concealer effortlessly. 

Made with premium quality yarn/synthetic fiber, our brushes are vegan and cruelty free.

Super easy to use for beginners as well as Pro makeup artists.

Strong built




Hand crafted

Soft bristles

Long Lasting

Care - Rub the bristles on a gentle soap and then on the palm of your hand before rinsing it in water. Note - do not soak brushes in normal or soap water as that could loosen the glue inside the ferule. 

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